In Qigong class you will be guided through meditative movement that cultivates endless health benefits through the principles of Calligraphy Health. This is a gentle yet powerful practice that cultivates wellbeing and longevity by directing and balancing chi or prana (life force energy).

Please arrive 10 minutes before class.

Calligraphy Yoga

Calligraphy Yoga is a fusion of principals of Tai Chi, Chinese Qigong, Indian Yoga and Chinese Calligraphy. These classes focus on lengthening of tendons, shaping the body and training coordination. Open up your body with advanced sequences for directing energy.

Please arrive 10 minutes before class.


Flow through holistic postures and sequences in this vinyasa style class. This is the perfect class to start your day or finish the week with nourishing movement.

Please arrive 10 minutes before class.

Yoga Beginner’s

Learn how to modify postures to suit your ability and transition actively and smoothly through your practice for optimal benefits. This class offers in depth explanations and workshop style guidance to help you feel confident and safe within your body to attend regular yoga classes.

Please arrive 10 minutes before class. 

Hormone Balancing (for Females)

This special hormone balancing class focuses on specific Calligraphy Health principles that will regulate your hormones and emotions to bring balance and harmony to your life. You will be guided to connect deeply within to cultivate your own sense of being grounded, calm and at peace in body, mind and spirit.

Please arrive 10 minutes before class. 


Want more access to your body? This class is a mixed modality class that will focus on opening up your body with gentle and holistic exercises that are tailored for you and will bring you endless benefits regardless of what you want to work on.

Please arrive 10 minutes before class. 


Look after your body. It's the only place you've got to live!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Lao Tzu

Sometimes it's okay to go slow.

Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you're your longest commitment.

Truth is pure awareness. - Osho

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