As a well cut diamond has many facets, each reflecting a different colour of light, so does the word yoga, each reflecting a different shade of meaning, and revealing different aspects of the entire range of human endeavour to win inner peace and happiness.”

– B.K.S Iyengar

Yoga – the union of self with Self. A meditation and an art that sharpens the mind and the body to allow spirit to do what it wants to do effortlessly. I believe yoga is and should be accessible for everyone. Yoga is a means of gaining greater insight in to the nature of what our minds and bodies can do. We can use these skills to accomplish great physical feats or we can use these techniques far more holistically to preserve the body any mind by learning movements that release blockages and tension within that come from physical, mental and emotional stress. 

I teach hatha yoga applying Yoga Synergy methods as well as Calligraphy Health principles so that yoga can be accessible and stimulating for all levels of experience and ability. 

Trauma Aware

All classes are instructed in a way that is trauma aware. This means that you are encouraged and empowered to explore and discover your body in a gentle and receptive manner that feels safe and okay for you. Private bookings are available too, just ask!